Hydraulic system of the three major issues

1, fever
As the hydraulic medium (hydraulic oil) in the process of flow there are different parts of the different flow rate, resulting in a certain internal fluid friction, and between the liquid and the pipe wall there are also friction, which are led to hydraulic oil temperature the reason. Elevated temperature will result in copper busbar machine increased internal and external leakage, reducing its mechanical efficiency. At the same time due to the higher temperature, hydraulic oil expansion occurs, resulting in increased compression, so that control action can not be a good transfer. Solution: Fever is the inherent characteristics of the hydraulic system, can not eradicate can only be minimized. The use of good quality hydraulic oil, hydraulic piping layout should try to avoid the emergence of the elbow, the use of high-quality piping and fittings, hydraulic valves.

busbar machine

2, vibration
Hydraulic system vibration is one of its chronic illness. As the hydraulic oil in the pipeline in the high-speed flow of the impact and the control valve open and close the process of the impact of the vibration of the system are the reasons. Strong vibration will lead to system control action error, but also make some of the more sophisticated system error occurs, leading to system failure. Solution: Hydraulic piping should be fixed as far as possible to avoid busbar bending machine sharp corners. To avoid frequent changes in the direction of flow, can not be avoided when the vibration measures should be done. The entire hydraulic system should have a good vibration reduction measures, but also to avoid the external vibration source of the system.
3, leakage
Hydraulic system leakage is divided into internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage refers to the leakage process occurs within the system, such as hydraulic cylinder piston on both sides of the leak, the control valve spool and the leakage between the valve body. Internal leakage does not cause hydraulic drilling machine oil loss, but due to leakage, the established control action may be affected until the cause system failure. External leakage is the leakage that occurs between the system and the external environment. Hydraulic oil leaks directly to the environment, in addition to the system will affect the working environment, but also lead to system failure caused by insufficient pressure. Leakage to the environment of the hydraulic oil there is the risk of fire. Solution: the use of better quality seals, to improve the processing accuracy of the equipment.

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Precision punch press _ high-precision characteristics of steel presses In this case, In this case, In this case steel hole punch machine, In this case, Features of Guangdong Precision Punching Machine IPM High Precision Steel Frame Punch Precision punch structure: High-precision steel frame punch * The body of the integration of high-alloy steel castings, and by heat treatment process, to eliminate internal stress, to ensure high precision, high steel acute shock * Slider to guide the design of long, to ensure that the cloud to turn precision and stability * The machine runs the transmission part to use the centralism examination busbar machines, the automatic forced lubrication system design, may realize when the real control, the self-protection function * Highly sensitive, test clutch / brake device and the international top double solenoid valve to ensure that the press slider to run and stop the accuracy and safety * Careful design of the electrical circuit, in line with European standards * The machine structure design is reasonable, may realize the automated production, reduces the cost, enhances the efficiency Here are the introduction of precision punching machine IPM high precision steel frame punch: www drilling milling machine.ipmmc.com

we punch the workpiece angle fabrication

Precision Punching Machine | Pneumatic Press | Precision Machinery Factory-IPM Punch Supplier The Importance of Flywheel Drive System in Precision Press We know that the application of punching in the present industry is very extensive drilling stainless steel, precision punching machine to normal operation is mainly due to the precision of the internal punching machine transmission system plays a major role in the current hydraulic transmission precision punch internal transmission system is A relatively broad one. In this case, We have to look at the precision punch transmission system, the transmission system, including the flywheel, there are a number of mechanical transmission, including some mechanical parts, the flywheel in precision punch work is very important, when the flywheel work, Play a storage function, the flywheel at work with a large rotation of the inertia, and then when we punch the workpiece angle fabrication, the flywheel’s kinetic energy is reduced, and then release energy, can help the deformation of the workpiece resistance of the customer service.

In this case, When the punching work is completed, the precision of the flywheel punch can absorb some energy from the motor to restore speed, can give full play to the power of the motor, the motor can be used to reduce power a lot Hydraulic notching machine. In this case, Flywheel work in the precision punch is a very important role, the application of flywheel is a very important part of precision punching machine, to understand some of the basic principles of precision punching pulley on our work a lot of help.

ensure product accuracy and stability angle steel close

Precision APC-250 tons punch, the first choice for the first punch press [Association forging punch] In this case, In this case CNC marking line, In this case, Precision APC-250 tons of punch all the parts have to go through a variety of different processing steel structural drilling machine, such as stress, in order to ensure product accuracy and stability angle steel close.

Accuracy of high – speed precision punching machine and its influence

Many customers in the procurement of presses, we will ask the DPRK punch on the punch precision punching a Japanese JIS precision standards in the end what is the meaning of specific testing is what the project is not the actual accuracy of stamping production? In response to this problem, we here to answer our customers in detail: In the high-speed precision punch press production, the punch accuracy is very important. Punch precision directly affects the accuracy of stamping products, die life. The accuracy of the press is divided into the static accuracy of the punch when it is not loaded and the dynamic accuracy of the load (punching) drilling holes on H beams. High-speed precision punching the actual production of stamping is very important in the dynamic accuracy of the punch, the use of the actual load changes in volume is very large, so specifications are technically difficult, so not integrated development, the status quo is static precision to represent the precision punch . Punch is the use of a group of molds, processing operations need to set the correct relationship between the mold movement.

Punch the correct relationship between the movement process is the punch accuracy, accuracy is mainly reflected in the punch: First, parallelism, two, vertical, three, the total gap. The relationship between the mold movement is not correct, in addition to reducing product accuracy and shorten the life of the mold, the mold will also lead to easy assembly, can not use precision molds, and will produce intense vibration noise. Japan JIS B6402 (CNS 3157 B 7045) of the static accuracy of the punch test items are as follows: 1. Punch table above the slider with the following straightness 2. Parallelism between the underside of the slider and the top of the table 3. The vertical movement of the slider and the top of the table 4. Mold handle hole and the straight angle below the slider 5. The total clearance between the top and bottom of the connection Impact of punching accuracy on stamping parts In modern stamping operations, if only high-precision, long life of the mold, without high-precision punch and punching materials with high-quality, is unable to achieve high-precision stamping process. Punch precision and rigidity of the life of a great impact on the mold drill machine buy online, the same mold in a different punch on the punch to show different performance and service life best mill drill machine. Such as in the general accuracy of the punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that chipping, and in the high-precision precision punch on more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon. Dynamic accuracy and punch parts of the rigidity are directly related to the rigidity of a good punch accuracy is relatively high dynamic.

If the punch load, structure and other compression structure will be deformed. So the static accuracy will deteriorate, you can say that dynamic accuracy is the real precision. Punch precision and accuracy of the product, die life has a very close relationship between. The dynamic accuracy is directly related to the rigidity of each part of the press, and the dynamic accuracy of the punch with good rigidity is relatively high. Actual stamping process is very important in the dynamic accuracy, because the specifications have technical difficulties, it has not yet integrated development, the status quo is the static precision to represent the punch.

Steel bending animation

Steel bending animation

Steel bending animation

Bending deformation Animation Photos

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Bending deformation Animation Photos Bending deformation Animation Photos