Hydraulic system of the three major issues

1, fever
As the hydraulic medium (hydraulic oil) in the process of flow there are different parts of the different flow rate, resulting in a certain internal fluid friction, and between the liquid and the pipe wall there are also friction, which are led to hydraulic oil temperature the reason. Elevated temperature will result in copper busbar machine increased internal and external leakage, reducing its mechanical efficiency. At the same time due to the higher temperature, hydraulic oil expansion occurs, resulting in increased compression, so that control action can not be a good transfer. Solution: Fever is the inherent characteristics of the hydraulic system, can not eradicate can only be minimized. The use of good quality hydraulic oil, hydraulic piping layout should try to avoid the emergence of the elbow, the use of high-quality piping and fittings, hydraulic valves.

busbar machine

2, vibration
Hydraulic system vibration is one of its chronic illness. As the hydraulic oil in the pipeline in the high-speed flow of the impact and the control valve open and close the process of the impact of the vibration of the system are the reasons. Strong vibration will lead to system control action error, but also make some of the more sophisticated system error occurs, leading to system failure. Solution: Hydraulic piping should be fixed as far as possible to avoid busbar bending machine sharp corners. To avoid frequent changes in the direction of flow, can not be avoided when the vibration measures should be done. The entire hydraulic system should have a good vibration reduction measures, but also to avoid the external vibration source of the system.
3, leakage
Hydraulic system leakage is divided into internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage refers to the leakage process occurs within the system, such as hydraulic cylinder piston on both sides of the leak, the control valve spool and the leakage between the valve body. Internal leakage does not cause hydraulic drilling machine oil loss, but due to leakage, the established control action may be affected until the cause system failure. External leakage is the leakage that occurs between the system and the external environment. Hydraulic oil leaks directly to the environment, in addition to the system will affect the working environment, but also lead to system failure caused by insufficient pressure. Leakage to the environment of the hydraulic oil there is the risk of fire. Solution: the use of better quality seals, to improve the processing accuracy of the equipment.

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