Busbar Bending Machine

Busbar Bending Machines


I. Introduction:
This machine is equipped with punching, shearing, bending three processing stations, using the German Siemens PLC control, the main function for the processing of different kinds of copper, aluminum bus. When working, you only need to choose the appropriate processing station
Bit, you can easily and quickly on copper, aluminum row shearing, punching (hole, a long hole), folding flat curved, vertical bending, U-bend, embossing, flattened, twisted flowers and other various processing.
Second, the main features:
1. cutting station with double column shear structure (patent number: ZL201120262802.1), notches smooth, no waste, no glitches, no collapse angle.
2. punching station using four molding position turntable, and the turntable for the whole machining parts, to ensure that the upper and lower molds absolute alignment, improve the concentricity of the mold, the mold life greatly improved; there would
Validity avoid damage due to frequent replacement of punching die mold caused. It can provide six die-bit or eight-bit mode dial structure according to user requirements.
3. punching station equipped with a mechanical two-way positioning device, work, without operator needs in copper and aluminum row punching position draw crosshairs or proofing punch, saving time and improve
Work efficiency.
The bending angle is achieved by mutual cooperation and displacement sensors PLC CNC control, and has a storage memory and error compensation function, bending angle accuracy and consistency is guaranteed.
5. The use of closed bending bending station, rugged, after bending, the workpiece angle up and down the same. By changing the mold, this station can be achieved on embossed features, a single embossing area
It is 80 * 160mm, end formation uniform.
6. The operator can set the downtime when the machine is idle, automatic shutdown for users to save electricity costs.
7. Siemens PLC control 40 points, compared with the traditional relay control more stable and reliable.
8. Three working stations of the machine can work at the same time, bending station with dual stage, to achieve a true sense of each other, greatly improving the work efficiency.
9. The hydraulic tank a 3mm thick steel plate welded and made phosphate processing, effective guarantee of hydraulic systems and components from contamination and corrosion.
Three Accessories:
8 sets of punching die (specification optional), scissors, 1 set of vertical bending, bending each 2 sets of flat, U-bend mold 1 set, 1 set embossed random set of maintenance tools and accessories, foot switch 3.
Four basic parameters:
1, nominal pressure: 300KN
2, Max size: 12 × 160mm
3, punching range: Φ4.3 ~ 25mm
4, vertical bending maximum processing width: 120mm
5, table size: one table: 1500mm × 1200mm; racking: 930mm × 420mm
6. Overall dimensions: 1700mm × 1350mm × 1500mm
7, Weight: 1390kg
V. Products and services:
1. The warranty period of one year, the emergence of on-site service within 24 hours of any quality problems during the warranty period.
2. punching die three-month warranty, quality problems within three months, returned unconditionally.
3. Free delivery, free commissioning training, until the church so far.