Manual busbar bending machines

bus machine-803e-3-s

One. Plot:
The machine is equipped with punching, shearing, bending three work station (unit), three-position with the work, which the punching station for the turret structure, the bending angle can be CNC. The main function for the processing of different regulations
Grid of copper, aluminum bus, at work, only need to use the appropriate processing unit, you can easily and quickly on copper, aluminum row shearing, punching (hole, a long hole, square hole, shaped hole), folding
Bending, vertical bending, embossing, flattened, twisted various processing flowers, terminals and other pressure.
Second, the main features:
★ 40 points Siemens PLC control, with automatic shutdown feature, and can control downstream cutting and punching the time, compared to the traditional relay control more stable and reliable.
1, the punching unit with ductile materials processing turret four-bit monolithic analog dial (dial for one machining parts, die mounting hole CNC machining center, high precision molds and turntable
With the gap 0.00-0.05mm) improve the concentricity of the mold, to extend the life of the mold, without frequent replacement Besides using a mold, the installation of punching positioning, enabling two-way X-axis Y-axis
Positioning, improve work efficiency.
2, the cutting unit with double columns pole shearing structure (patent number: ZL201120262802.1), the knife and the knife vertically mounted in parallel, to ensure that the notches smooth and hairless assassination, no
Waste generation.
3, the bending unit with closed-bending, output point and the force point thickness 50mm beam connection, mechanical strength compared to open-bending greatly enhanced.
4, CNC bending angle can work process, simply enter the appropriate angle and thickness of the bus bars can be used for quick and easy processing of the workpiece, and with a memory and
Error compensation function.
5, the machine uses Siemens PLC control 40 points, compared to the traditional relay control more stable and reliable.
6, hydraulic oil tank in a 3mm steel plate welded and do phosphate processing, the hydraulic oil long-term use will not degenerate.
7, the machine uses a one-way hydraulic supply, three tanks, three pumps, each other.
8, hydraulic tubing adopt GB A type connection, that is durable and easy maintenance.
9, the machine will have casters, it can be easily moved.
Three parameters control:
1, nominal pressure: 800KN
2. Cut Max size: 20 × 260mm
3, punching range: Φ4.3 ~ 36mm
4, flat bend Max size: 20 × 260mm
5, vertical bending Max size: 12 × 120mm
6, table size: 1700mm × 1500mm (large) 950 × 420 (small)
7. Overall dimensions: 2130mm × 1650mm × 1600mm
8. Weight: 1990kg


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